The Hitchcock sisters.

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I’ve yet to undertake a family photo shoot I haven’t enjoyed. Perhaps I’ve been lucky, but the families I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with have been a joy to photograph.

The Hitchcock family was no exception. Three sisters and their Mum on a Autumnal afternoon at Bar Beach, Newcastle. A warm afternoon, no crowds, softening light and a beautiful coastal location.

Best of all? My daughter is friends with one of the subjects so she accompanied me as my “photographer’s assistant”. She took this task fairly seriously, promising to entertain the girls and keep the us all on track. In the end, it was too much for her; she stripped to her swimmers and joined the girls chasing waves.

Sharni Belle and Lilah 6x4_

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and post-production of these images. The sisters were relaxed and not bothered by my presence, and their growing personalities shone through. The photographs of the Hitchcock sisters interacting with cheeky seagulls are some of my absolute favourites.

I’ve featured some of my favourite images below and more are available here.

Thanks to Emma for allowing me to share her family memories.

Josette at sunset 6x4

Lilah Blue Sky II 4x6

Lilah - Cave

The Birds IV 6x4

Josette eating 6x4_

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I live and work in Newcastle, Australia - a gorgeous little coastal town in NSW. Kids, dogs, love, work, trees, the beach and my camera keep me happy. All blog content and photography is copyright Louise Faulkner Photography, but am happy to share with those seeking permission.

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