Ocean Sand

In the warmer months, my 11 year old daughter and I spend as much time at the beach as possible. We are both fair-skinned, preferring mornings and late afternoons for our visits. In doing so, we catch the best of the light and shadow play on the coast.

This Summer we’ve rediscovered an old GoPro. With goggles in hand, we’ve been diving in and out of the water photographing our feet and legs, faces and fish, rocks and skyline. We have laughed and played.

One magic afternoon, my daughter decided to try and capture the movement of sand in the ocean. She was fascinated by it, wanted to photograph it, dictated the terms, took the shots. I assisted by throwing sand. The resulting images are true collaborations. A time at the beach with my girl, who saw something beautiful in the simplicity of beach elements. I’m so proud of her and how she sees the world. I love them.


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