I live & work in the beautiful coastal town of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

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Enjoy my blogpposts both here at at my former site as Sunday Girl in Newie.

I love writing & have kept diaries for as long as I can remember; my compelling desire to keep records of my experiences. This act of elucidation has always helped me in sorting through my feelings & thoughts, and led to some discoveries of my own.

I also notice things. Details. Small and fleeting things, in-between moments, glances, patterns and repetition. Sometimes overwhelming, they keep my brain engaged in playing out scenarios and stories. It’s always been this way for me.

And so we come to photography. I had hand-me-down cameras in my youth and used them to record moments in time, unpretty, doco-style shots. I still have albums of these average-but-treasured photos. They are my books of younger-me memories.

Just over a decade ago, life changed. I had a child, escalating my innate desire to record, to document, to capture not just images but the emotions within them, behind them. The truth and the beauty of it.

Which lands us here.

People, connection, nature, landscape & light are my focus and fascination. I love capturing those elusive ‘in-between’ moments that allude to a bigger human story. And I’m in love with the natural world.

I hope to share the beauty that I see, in the way that I see it.

Lou x