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I have always felt compelled to document and capture details of the world around me.

I’ve kept diaries for as long as I can remember; the act of elucidation helping to sort feelings and thoughts, leading to new discoveries.

I’ve always paid attention to the small and fleeting things, in-between moments, glances, patterns in nature, details. My brain plays out scenarios, stories, dreams and fears around these observations. It’s always been this way for me.

In my youth, hand-me-down cameras allowed me to record moments in time. Pictures of friends and family, of experiences . I have boxes of these photos. They are my younger-me memories.

The birth of my daughter heightened this innate desire to record, to document. I strove to capture the emotion, the vulnerability of beautiful, fleeting moments in time.

People, connection, nature, landscape & light are my fascination. I seek out those elusive ‘in-between’ moments that allude to a bigger human story. I’m in love with the natural world. I photograph to share the beauty that I see, the truth of it, the way I see it.

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