Mum’s 70th.

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May 2017. My Mum is turning 70.

The “Festival of Frances” has been up and running since Friday night and looks to continue well into the week. Today we surprised Mum. She arrived late morning for what she thought was a family BBQ but instead was greeted with a formally set table, flowers, gift, champagne and the promise of a professionally prepared three course meal.

My camera was shared around today – at least four different family members had a go – and the images captured by everyone tell the story of today much better than I could.

Special thanks to little bro’ Adam for the great portrait shots; Georgia, Demi and the team from Cranky Chef Catering for our wonderful lunch; and Rachel of Floweresque for the gorgeous table centrepiece.

And for Monday 22 May – HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY MUM!

Mum 70th
Happy Birthday Mum.
Mum 70th 1
Mum 70th 2
Mum 70th 4
Mum 70th 3
Mum 70th 5
Mum 70th 6
Mum 70th 7
Mum 70th 8
The birthday girl.
Moira Adele
Mother of the birthday girl, my Grandmother, Moira, 93.
Mum 70th 10
Mum 70th 11
Mum 70th 12
Mum 70th 13
Mum 70th 14
Mum 70th 22
Mum 70th 19
Mum 70th 20
Mum 70th 21
Mum 70th 17
Mum 70th 15
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3 thoughts on “Mum’s 70th.”

  1. Frances says:

    Festival is nearly over but has been overwhelming. Many thanks for a lovely lunch and all my good wishes and gifts. I really appreciate all the thought and organisation (and lies) that went into my celebration

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