Day 3, 6 April 2022

…an unexpected reverberation

Lighthouse Cottages, Nobbys Whibayganba

After 10 days of COVID isolation, I was ready to get back to this place. Cottage 2, Desk 3, views to the south over Nobbys and Newcastle. There’s a southerly breeze kicking through the window in front of me as I write, the side effect of yet another East Coast low sitting off the coast. I’ll take it.

And it’s bright here today, so bright. A friend here yesterday talked of sunlight sparkling off the water, enticing her for a swim after so much flood-muddiness. She called it Sun Glitter. I slept on it and arrived this morning determined to adorn my black and white photographic prints with tiny silver and gold leaf pieces, mimicking light dancing through bubbles of saltwater. I think they’ve been named by Jodi: Sun Glitter I and II.

The Fort Scratchley cannon fired 3 times today. I felt the first shot through the floor, an unexpected reverberation. On the second shot I glimpsed the aftermath, a white powder cloud drifting across the harbour. I made it to the doorway for the third shot and was surprised to see smoke appear a second or two before the resounding ‘boom’. I’m left pondering the effect of distance on sight and sound. Who knows how that will appear in my work?

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