Day 1, 16 March 2022

…live large by lamplight

Lighthouse Cottages, Nobbys Whibayganba

I was late. This new group of artists I was yet to meet were gathered at the lighthouse. I’d watched them from afar, ants marching up the sandhill. I hastened up the steep rise, took a breather with the crows, and pushed on. A sticky walk on a humid day. I leaned into the welcoming wind.

Arrival. Oh, the view! Blue skies over gathering clouds. A plume of brown water feathered out from the mouth of the Harbour, a murky reminder of recent flooding rain. It didn’t bother the birds; they flocked and snacked on schools of silver fish.

I explored the grounds, decided to look down rather than up; plenty of time for those overhead views. Pine needles, half-filled bathtubs, feathers, bones and old plastic. Tight corners and secret nooks of worn paint and giant spider webs; Orb weavers live large by lamplight here.   

I wrote, edited photographs, wrote some more. I made tea and wandered the grounds. The walk back to my car was joyful with a head full of ideas, filling new spaces created during a day on Whibayganba headland.

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