Day 5, 20 April 2022

…blue-sky blustery Lighthouse Cottages, Nobbys Whibayganba There’s a sense of urgency in my time here today, as my residency draws to an end. I want to imprint the feeling of this place, carry it with me, recreate it when I need it. Life’s demands seem happily on hold when I’m here. A new perspective tellsContinue reading “Day 5, 20 April 2022”

Day 4, 13 April 2022

…deliciously cubby-like Lighthouse Cottages, Nobbys Whibayganba I’d been waiting for dark, threatening skies. Deep purple ribbons followed the horizon, blurred in places by distant oceanic rain. The type of day where you don’t wake up with the sun; the day doesn’t dawn so much as roll around under the cloud-covers. A doona and Tim-Tam kindaContinue reading “Day 4, 13 April 2022”

Day 3, 6 April 2022

…an unexpected reverberation Lighthouse Cottages, Nobbys Whibayganba After 10 days of COVID isolation, I was ready to get back to this place. Cottage 2, Desk 3, views to the south over Nobbys and Newcastle. There’s a southerly breeze kicking through the window in front of me as I write, the side effect of yet anotherContinue reading “Day 3, 6 April 2022”

Day 2, 23 March 2022

…dazzled by dragonflies Lighthouse Cottages, Nobbys Whibayganba Another humid, sunny Autumn’s Day. I walked from Horseshoe Beach carpark to the break wall and was dazzled by dragonflies. I caught the golf buggy express up the hill, took up my position in Cottage 3 Desk 4 and laid out my gear for the day. Laptop, camera,Continue reading “Day 2, 23 March 2022”

Day 1, 16 March 2022

…live large by lamplight Lighthouse Cottages, Nobbys Whibayganba I was late. This new group of artists I was yet to meet were gathered at the lighthouse. I’d watched them from afar, ants marching up the sandhill. I hastened up the steep rise, took a breather with the crows, and pushed on. A sticky walk onContinue reading “Day 1, 16 March 2022”

The ballet.

I’ve decided that I’d like to stay in seawater. Submerged, I feel free of daily gravitas, suspended and weightless, playful, beautiful. These portraits seek to convey this idea, that in the ocean all are equally light and majestic, elegant of leg and graceful in motion. Images are part of an ongoing personal project entitled “Suspended”.

Flannel flowers

From the bright whiteness of fresh blooms to the delicate, washed pastels of senescence – Actinotus helianthi is the elegant and iconic Australian flannel flower.

Ocean Sand

In the warmer months, my 11 year old daughter and I spend as much time at the beach as possible. We are both fair-skinned, preferring mornings and late afternoons for our visits. In doing so, we catch the best of the light and shadow play on the coast. This Summer we’ve rediscovered an old GoPro.Continue reading “Ocean Sand”

Cloud series

I am endlessly fascinated by clouds. The towering white cumulonimbus, providing perspective in their mountainous gatherings; the cotton-ball skyscape of mammatus clouds; the gentle whisp of cirrus clouds airbrushed against the sky. And storm clouds, glorious storm clouds – they never cease to deliver the strange, the other-worldly, the bizarre. Booming great swathes of greyContinue reading “Cloud series”

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