Cloud series

I am endlessly fascinated by clouds. The towering white cumulonimbus, providing perspective in their mountainous gatherings; the cotton-ball skyscape of mammatus clouds; the gentle whisp of cirrus clouds airbrushed against the sky. And storm clouds, glorious storm clouds – they never cease to deliver the strange, the other-worldly, the bizarre. Booming great swathes of greyContinue reading “Cloud series”


After the forest fire, orange scars are revealed through the weight of gentle rain sloughing ashy layers from remaining trees. These Xanthorrhoea trunks appear molten, melted, their curled tendrils a relief from the tired lines of a destroyed forest showing no signs of recovery. They are traumatised yet elegant, beautifully burned. It is a surrealContinue reading “Xanthorrhoea”

Her feet, with fish

I have so many portraits of her face, her smile, her freckles, her eyes. A traditional artist’s approach and a mother’s prerogative. Yet those images do not adequately express the places she loves, where she revels in frivolous youth, where she is quiet and her mind and its wanderings lead her inward journey. This portraitContinue reading “Her feet, with fish”

The devil in Tassie II

On a recent trip to Tasmania – my first – I had the chance to visit the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. I’ve wanted to visit this area for years. Fuelled by an early passion for the environment driven by the Franklin Dam controversy, combined with my later discovery of the amazing photographic works ofContinue reading “The devil in Tassie II”

Franklin Gordon

After a week of work in Tasmania, I grabbed an opportunity to visit Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Dense rainforest pockets, mossy vales, pristine waterways, vast landscapes and endless skies; it was stunning and exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to get back there and keep exploring its mysteries. “For me the door toContinue reading “Franklin Gordon”