Day 5, 20 April 2022

…blue-sky blustery

Lighthouse Cottages, Nobbys Whibayganba

There’s a sense of urgency in my time here today, as my residency draws to an end. I want to imprint the feeling of this place, carry it with me, recreate it when I need it. Life’s demands seem happily on hold when I’m here. A new perspective tells me they can wait.

Another artist, a self-published author and I have photographed each other at our desks – her idea. I’m glad for the shot of me from outside looking in, despite (like most photographers) an aversion to being seen. A visual reminder of my time here; I might need it in future.

Today is blue-sky blustery, a chilly southerly keeping things fresh and awake at headland height. My tea cools faster than before, a sign that Autumn has well and truly hit its straps. The light is harsh and white and small clouds throw shade on the ocean’s surface.

For the first time in a long time, I see people dot the shoreline between the flags at Nobbys; post-flood beachgoers. The water is still stained brown, but the school holiday crowd is lured nonetheless; what else is a parent to do on a day like this?

Right now, there’s a cloud outside my window. It has substance and structure, yet the wind blows it away as easily as my mind wanders, thoughts wispy like cottony clouds. I want to lay on the ground and let the bright beauty of this place infuse itself in my bones.

I’ll miss these moments and their uncrowded power.

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