Little women

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In between their moments of play are glimpses of the little women they will become. A gesture, an inclination of the head, a chosen game; I’ve learned these things are not frivolous but meaningful. This knowledge drives me to capture authentic childhood moments, true portraits. Perhaps I’m trying to arrest time; the eternal dilemma of a mother.

NB: Six of these images were entered in Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographer of the Year 2018 competition (portrait photography); happily, the portfolio achieved Top 20.

Josette - Louise Faulkner - 1 WMBelle on the first day of Spring 1Lilah Blue Sky II 4x6 B&WLilah and the cave - Louise Faulkner - BW 1 WMJosette feeds her baby 2 - Louise Faulkner - Col WMXanthe - BW 2 WMKGS Families 32B - Louise Faulkner PhotographyLoves her teddys



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I live and work in Newcastle, Australia - a gorgeous little coastal town in NSW. Kids, dogs, love, work, trees, the beach and my camera keep me happy. All blog content and photography is copyright Louise Faulkner Photography, but am happy to share with those seeking permission.

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