The Arboretum.

One of my (new) favourite places in Canberra is the National Arboretum.

We visited there in January in the midst of a heat wave. Four days of 40+ degrees celsius temperatures with little respite at night. Yet this didn’t hinder our sightseeing. We visited the War Memorial, Questacon, the National Museum, the National Gallery, the National Library (yes, we had a list of exhibitions we were keen to see!). We ate in cool cafes, dined in a craft beer brewery and swam in the hotel pool.

We planned to visit the arboretum on our last day. We awoke to a washed-clean Canberra, the prolonged heat broken by a spectacular storm the night before. The world was shiny, sweet-smelling and much, much cooler. We could breathe again.

The Arboretum didn’t disappoint. Despite drizzling rain we meandered through cactus gardens, explored the Pod Playground and hiked the cork forest.

My photos of our visit are an interesting mix of battered and bruised plants, the recent rain having injected one last blast of colour, and our daughter – hands touching everything, legs everywhere, finally able to run and jump and play without the sun beating her back indoors. Such a great day. We’ll be back.

Canberra Jan 2018 arboretum 3 WM
Canberra Jan 2018 arboretum 5 cycad WM
Canberra Jan 2018 arboretum 8 trampoline Tough Kookie
Canberra Jan 2018 arboretum 2 WM
Arboretum cactii lines
Canberra Jan 2018 arboretum 4 cactus flower WM
Canberra Jan 2018 arboretum 1 WM
Canberra Jan 2018 arboretum 6 Redbud Cercis canadensis WM

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