Photographing Kids

Kids. Some like to be photographed, some don’t, some are impossible to grab because they’re always on the move, others won’t smile for you if their life depended on it. But we love them. Here’s a selection of tips I’ve learned along the way, to capture those shots that make oh-so-special memories for you and your family.

Be sneaky. Posed shots with kids can work but generally aren’t nearly as interesting as those moments that ‘just happen’. Candid shots capture so much more genuine emotion than ones where we are forced to “smile!”

Look for the ‘everyday’. The ‘everyday’ can make wonderful shots: kids brushing their teeth, playing in home-made cubby houses, swimming, running, drawing, reading a book. These are the shots that you will treasure as your children grow. Your kids will also find them fascinating, especially when they are older. Don’t underestimate the ‘everyday’ as a photo subject.

Caves Beach Belle 2

Get down. Get down to your child’s level for some shots, right down to their eye height. It’s better for portraits. For the beach shot of my daughter I was leaning back on a beach towel, lower than my standing daughter. Looking up and under her hat made it easier to capture details like her eyelashes and sandy face.

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